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Ceci Pink Pearl Ceramic Earring

Ceci Pink Pearl Ceramic Earring

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Ceci Pink Pearl Ceramic Earrings boast handmade ceramic construction and pearlescent glazes for a unique, classic look. Sturdy stainless steel studs ensure comfort and long-lasting durability. Invest in a sophisticated, refined style with these luxurious earrings.

Approximately 4cm high and 3cm wide.

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Made with love

The production process is also very important for UNS. Most of the materials are bought from local suppliers and used as much as possible, to avoid unnecessary waste and polluting disposal.

Take good care of your pieces, and they will last forever.

  • Shipment for EU Countries

    In agreement with the customs authorities, UNS ceramics can only sell its products to EU countries.

  • Support Small Business

    UNS Ceramics is one woman brand, developed with lots of passion and hard work. Our production is small and very slow. Enjoy the pleasure to wear a unique piece of art.